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Helps you save 77% of your COVID-19 tests

Synaptic YOUR SMART LAB is a platform ensuring that individualised data is available when group testing e.g. for SARS-CoV-2. Synaptic’s solution can be used so that COVID-19 testing facilities can enable individualized group testing to determine the optimal pool size for each individual patient.


SYNAPTIC YOUR SMART LAB, introduces “individualized group testing”. The software addresses above-mentioned problems with the aim of standardizing and automatizing technical lab protocols that are performed manually.

The software uses 16 demographic, clinical, and pre-clinical variables from patients and labs to determine positive pretest probabilities of patients using a trained dedicated AI algorithm. With an accuracy of 80-85% from our trials with ~2500 patients carried out at several test centers, we demonstrate considerable savings even for highly prevalent areas.

Inputs are provided by the use of the developed mobile application, so patients can enter their input from a smart phone.

The software decides on each patient to be pooled or not based on his clinical condition. Also, the size of the pool is determined individually for each patient, and lab technicians are notified when and how to pool. In computing pretest probabilities, the geographic location, lab procedures, and molecular diagnostics are also taken into account.

The fully automatized pooling process eliminates the error-prone and complex manual processes, as the AI is directly connected to the automatized pooling robot. In total a pioneering and seamless system for group testing is introduced.

The AI is incrementally trained and can be shared among labs, as it does not carry sensitive patient data. Hence, labs all around the globe can easily be connec-
ted in the fight against COVID-19.

To overcome the dilutional problem, the AI has also been trained with PCR cycle thresholds. The group size is reconsidered by the software based on the cycle thresholds of the similar patients previously tested. The software can, of course, be trained with extra variables if desired. The Synaptic AI software is CE-marked evaluated to be compliant with GDPR.


According to the literature, the software can be used for at least 15 diseases, other than COVID-19. This includes HIV, malaria and zika-virus, but we suggest that cancer screening programmes to be relevant objectives.
The most conservative estimates propose a saving of €2 million per month with only 0.01 of market adoption in European countries.
Relevant patents are submitted.

Meet the founders

SYNAPTIC is Founded by Evind Segtnan (M.D. Ph.D.) and Farzin Kamari (M.D.M.P.H)

Computational Brain Scientists

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What we do

With Synaptic- testing we are introducing a globalized medical testing solution that connects laboratories across nations. Synaptic wants to provide digitalized, better, faster, and cheaper healthcare no matter the patient’s location and level of the country’s public e-health system.

By introducing group testing Synaptic refers to pooling biological specimens from individual patients into groups (introduced by professor Dorfman in 1943) to reduce testing demand and resources in laboratories. However, there does not exist any standard methodology to determine the optimal number of individuals to be pooled together due to limited patient information.

Synaptic medical-test AI’s algorithms offer individualized group testing meaning each group testing size is no longer static, but dynamic based on patient information who are represented in the sample group. This is possible since patients report non-sensitive information to our mobile app which defines the optimal group testing size, which is reported to the Synaptic Lab-Software. The Software is connected to the automatized solution off which makes it effortless for the customer to use group-testing in their laboratory.

The Synaptic company’s project focus is developing an innovative robotic solution to enable individualized medical mass-testing for next-generation AI diagnostics for pathogenic diseases. This reduces manual workflows when sorting samples into specific group sizes. A COVID-19 trial performed t three hospital sites in Region of Southern Denmark, showed that the potential impact of using individualized mass testing demonstrated herein proposes that quadrupling the testing capacity is possible with guaranteed accuracy. Quadrupling this amount would mean that the whole Danish population could be tested in a 7–10-day period. The solution also does not use the digitalized public health system journals or public healthcare card (like Danish CPR-number) since all information and data is only non-sensitive, anonymous and everything is contained within the Synaptic ML-algorithm and not stored on any cloud.




Please reach out to Eivind if you have any questions

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Eivind Segtnan